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Sod Installation For New, Green Spaces In Tallahassee

Sod installation

Do you want your lawn to look better and increase the value of your home? Tallahassee residents looking for those results can benefit from Southwind Lawn Services LLC's sod installation service. Your lawn will be transformed into a beautiful, lush, and healthy outdoor space thanks to our professional sod installation services.

Sod installation is a quick and easy way to get a green, healthy lawn without waiting for seeds to grow. Existing grass and weeds are removed, the soil is prepared, the sod is laid, and proper watering and maintenance are ensured as part of our sod installation process. We only use premium sod that is suitable for our climate.

When you hire Southwind Lawn Services LLC to lay your sod, you can expect a job well done with minimal disruption to your schedule. We'll learn about your specific needs so that we can craft a plan that works for you, both financially and logistically. We employ modern equipment in order to finish the installation quickly and correctly without disturbing your walkways or plants.

To find out how our sod installation service can improve your Tallahassee property, contact us today by calling 850-274-3836 to set up a consultation.

Laying New Sod

At Southwind Lawn Services LLC, you can rest assured that your new sod installation will go off without a hitch. Prior to this service, you may want to consider other landscaping services, such as tree removal or rock installation. It is always best to do these services prior to installing new sod.

Different Types Of Sod

Different types of sod suit different climates, soil types, and uses. Here are some of the most popular Tallahassee-friendly sod types.

  • Bermuda grass: Popular in hot, humid climates like the south, Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass. Sports fields and high-traffic areas benefit from its durability and foot traffic tolerance.
  • Zoysia grass: This warm-season grass is dense and luxurious. It tolerates drought and heat and needs less water and fertilizer than other sod.
  • St. Augustine grass: People often choose St. Augustine grass in coastal areas of the southern United States. Its broad, flat blades tolerate shade and salt spray.
  • Centipede grass: This low-maintenance warm-season grass is popular in the south. It tolerates acidic soil and needs little fertilization and mowing.

Climate, soil type, usage, and personal preferences determine the best sod for your lawn. Southwind Lawn Services LLC, the best provider of lawn care for Tallahassee properties, can help you choose the right sod and install it properly to make your lawn look its best.